The Aftercare of A Tooth Extraction

Did you recently get your tooth extracted? Whether you have a broken tooth or it has fallen off, getting a took extraction is the best option. It allows tooth removal without hurting the nearby teeth and tissues.

That said, tooth extraction comes with a lot of aftercare. If you follow the instructions given by the dentist, your gums will heal within one to two weeks. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of tooth extraction.


·    Bite on the wired gauze for at least an hour after extraction, or more if possible. It will help the blood clot in place.

·    Apply ice packs after the surgery to reduce swelling. Keep it on for 15 minutes after gaps of 15 minutes each.

·    Take the prescribed painkillers to deal with the pain.

·    Rest for at least 24 hours after the surgery while keeping your head elevated.

·    Rinse with a saltwater solution of half teaspoon of salt and half a glass of warm water.

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·    Sleep with your head at a slightly higher level for the coming few days.

·    Maintain a liquid diet or consume only soft food for a few days. These include yogurt, smoothies, pudding, etc.

·    Use a mouthwash instead of brushing the first day. You can resume brushing from the second day, but do so gently and avoid the extraction site.


·    Smoke for at least two days after a dental extraction as the smoke compounds can affect the extraction site.

·    Eat solid foods for up to 2-3 days.

·    Use straws and forks as they may damage the treatment area.

Summing Up

tooth extraction in Mesquite is your best solution! Though it requires special aftercare, tooth extraction becomes the only option in some cases. However, if you consult a known professional, it is a quick and painless procedure. Also, the extraction site starts to heal within 2-3 weeks and gets perfectly well within three months.